5th December 2019

Please note that we are not having a general public auction.

The December auction is a online timed auction ending 7th December 11am. Bidding window opens online 5th December at 10am. The highest bidder when auction ends wins the lot. You will need to register with Easylive to bid on this auction.


How it works

  • Timed auctions don’t have an auctioneer calling the bids – there’s just a bidding window and whoever bids highest during it wins. Each lot can be bid on for a defined time period. At the end of this period, the bidder who has submitted the highest bid wins the lot, provided the bid exceeds the reserve price.
  • You tell us the most you’re willing to pay – and we’ll bid intelligently for you, only bidding enough for you to meet the reserve or stay in the lead. Don’t worry, your max bid stays secret in our system.
  • If someone bids higher than your ‘maximum’, we will send you an ‘outbid alert’ via email to let you know, so you can decide whether to bid more.
  • You’ll know it’s a timed auction as the end time will be displaced on the lot page. If a bid is placed in the last 10 minutes of the defined time period, the time period will be extended by 10 minutes. This is to prevent ‘sniping’.

You will need to register with Easylive to bid on this auction.

Estimate: £1000 - £1500
‘Boat race day’ large bowl by Eric Ravilious for Wedgwood (no ?e?) 1938
Lot #1
Estimate: £10 - £20
Rotel RT-830AL stereo tuner (04)
Lot #2
Estimate: £10 - £20
JPW Mini loudspeakers (09)
Lot #3
Estimate: £30 - £50
Royd audio apex speakers (13)
Lot #4
Estimate: £30 - £50
Vintage 1970’s Sansui eight solid state am/fm stereo tuner amplifier *untested*
Lot #5
Estimate: £20 - £25
Sanyo stereophonic 4 track tape recorder
Lot #6
Estimate: £25 - £30
Vintage Record Player Bush Monarch SRP.31D
Lot #7
Estimate: £40 - £50
Soney stereo tapecorder TC-330 solid state cassette reel
Lot #8
Estimate: £50 - £60
Gerrard Hacker Centurion MK II High Fidelity Unit with speakers
Lot #9
Estimate: £10 - £15
Ronson reel to reel
Lot #10
Estimate: £20 - £30
Collection of excellent condition Pye records 7″ vinyl – 37 in total
Lot #11
Estimate: £100 - £200
garrard 301 schedule no 51400/2 – deck. No plinth or arm
Lot #12
Estimate: £800 - £1000
leak stereo 60- valve amplifier
Lot #13
Estimate: £180 - £250
Vintage HJ Leak Stereo 20 – Stereo Valve (Tube) Power-Amp
Lot #14
Estimate: £30 - £60
Leak Trough Line 3 Fm Tuner & Teak Sleeve – Mullard valves
Lot #15